Old Research Project

  Research Project

Use this sheet to take notes as you do your research:

Research Notes Outline

Outline for Written PaperMake a copy of this in your drive, replace the instructions with your own words and you will have everything formatted correctly.  When finished, submit it in Canvas.  Follow these instructions if you aren't sure how to submit a paper from your drive in Canvas.

These links will take you to the page in the instructions for your project, make sure you stay on the page for your topic.

The Black Hawk War

The Bear River Massacre


The Railroad


The Utah War

Mt Meadow Massacre

Immigration and the Perpetual Emigration Fund

Food, Clothing & Celebrations


Electricity and Inventions

Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch

Cutting Utah's Size

Settlements spread out

John Wesley Powell

Pony Express

Different Religions in Utah 

Territorial Utah Research Rubric