Unit 2 North America and Climate pre 2108


US and Canada Coversheet

US and Canada Map - use these instructions to label these maps: North America Physical Map and Canada Political Map

Climate Factors - complete this page and pick up the other part of the assignment in class

Graphing Climates - use your assigned site's (or just choose one if you were absent) data and the local data from these pages and either graph both by hand using the template provided in class or graph them using your Google Drive by following this tutorial.


United States Regions Outline and Slides

Immigration Stories - Answer these questions after reading one of these stories.

Nunavut Readings - Read this article and then page 29 only of this material and answer these questions. Ignore the questions that follow the articles.

US and Canada Unit Test - sign into Canvas to take this online or make it up during flex time, before, or after school.

*the videos and images from slideshows and certain other lessons have to be removed to post them on this site, please see me in class for anything you aren't able to figure out from these text-only versions