Thesis and Outline

Thesis Statement and Outline

Next you need to use your research to come up with a thesis statement.  You need to write a thesis which will reflect why it matters for us to learn about your topic.  You may want to think about how the world would be different if your event had never occurred.  

After writing your thesis, you need to organize your notes into an outline that will guide your paper and presentation.  You may need to do additional research if some of your notes don’t fit with your thesis or if you need to find more about a specific aspect of the topic to prove your point.  Use this template for your outline and turn it in through Canvas.  If you can't do it on the computer, you may hand in a written outline.  If it's typed it must be turned in through Canvas.  If you don't remember how to do this follow the instruction here:  or contact me for help at least a day before it's due.

Make sure you include answers to the three questions listed for your topic in the document below somewhere in your paper.  You may want to set up for five paragraph essay by including one body paragraph on each question, but you don't have to format it that way. 

Europe History Topic Questions.doc