Unit 8 - The Middle East

Middle East Map List

Religions of the Middle East and Slides (request access if needed)

2/25 or 27
Practice for Map Test  - 
Seterra game

Religions of the Middle East and Slides (request access if needed)

2/26 or 3/1
Map Test - in Canvas (must be taken in class or before/after school)

2/28 or 3/5

3/6 - 3/7

Recent Middle East Conflicts - Make a copy of this document and turn it in through Canvas when done or go directly to Canvas and cut and paste the questions into the text window.

Middle East Unit Test - sign into Canvas to take this online or make it up during flex time, before, or after school.

Middle East Culture Presentations

*the videos and images from slideshows and certain other lessons have to be removed to post them on this site, please see me in class for anything you aren't able to figure out from these text-only versions

Islam Video Worksheet and Video (we watch clips from this in class instead of the whole thing, so there will be several sections which aren't  used in the questions)