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Term 2 Project

The project for second term is a report on a major topic from European history.  

European History Project

   During the course of this project, you should become an expert on one aspect of Europe’s history.  You will complete both an individual research paper and a presentation in your Geography/World Civilizations class to share what you learn about your topic.

Turn in your research notes, outline, and paper through Canvas.  Share your slideshow with me at adam.rees@nebo.edu.

Research - due 11/13 in Canvas

Slideshow and Presentation - due 11/17 for Ancient Greece/Rome, by 11/27 for the Middle ages, by  11/29 for the Renaissance, and by 12/4 for 1600-20th century.

You will do these in your English Class this year, you can check out these links if you think they would be helpful for that: Thesis and OutlineResearch Paper