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GIS Application Project

Applying Social Studies Methods to Payson

Due 10/16

In this project, you will practice some of the methods we use to study social studies to come up with some ideas for how we can improve the Payson area.  

Observe where the restaurants (for 6th per) or gas stations (7th per) in the Payson area are located and what they are like. Map restaurants and gas stations from Springville to Nephi, but in both cases, start with those closest to Payson. For restaurants, include any place that sells food and has a place you can sit down and eat it and for gas stations include anywhere that sells gasoline to the public. You are required to find the latitude, longitude and other information the class decided on for two existing restaurants or gas stations that haven't already been mapped by other class members. You may do this by using a GPS or by using Google Earth or other mapping software.  Make sure to ask me for help with this if needed. Do this by 9/15.

2. Research several factors that would be important to consider in locating a store.  Take population patterns, traffic patterns, existing lights/parks and any other relevant criteria into account when doing this.  Use the primary sources (actual maps and data about Payson) that are provided on the class map and some secondary sources (ideas about what types of business do well in towns similar to Payson and what makes a good location). Try to finish your research by 9/22.

Fill out and turn in this sheet when you finish your research to make sure you have considered all of the basics.

After looking at the class' map, these secondary sources may be useful:






3. Use the map developed by the class and your research to determine a new location for a restaurant and come up with an idea of what type of restaurant it will be.  Come up with some examples of items that could be included on your menu.  Be ready with your proposed business by 10/2.

6th period click here to open the class' map. - remember to turn on and off layers (under content) and to find latitude and longitude click on measure and then choose the third icon.

7th period click here to open the class' map. - remember to turn on and off layers (under content) and to find latitude and longitude click on measure and then choose the third icon.

7th period click here to record your new location.

To check the data you entered go here for 6th period or here for 7th period.  If anything is highlighted, check and fix your latitude and longitude.

4. Conduct a survey in which you ask students and adults about your idea for a new business.  Try to determine if they would go there and how much they might be willing to spend.
Write out a list of questions you will ask and when possible, have them use a rating scale instead of asking yes or no questions.  You need to survey a minimum of five students and five adults, but don’t stop at ten if you are able to survey more.  Surveys do not need to be given in person and may be conducted by mail, email, phone or any other way that is convenient.  Graph the data you gather from your survey.  Complete your survey by 10/10.

Follow these instructions as you conduct your survey.

5. Use the data you gathered from your observations, your research, your maps, and your survey to come up with a final recommendation of a good place to locate a restaurant or gas station in the Payson area.  Make sure you support your recommendation with data. Write a one-page summary proposal you could give to someone interested in investing in your idea.  Present it to the class using at least two graphs and a map.  Presentations will begin on 10/16.

Mapping Project Rubric