Choose the class you are taking Utah Studies or Honors Geography / World History for a class calendar and other announcements and information.

This site will provide information on what we are doing in class and access to some of the resources we will be using in class.  These social studies courses contain some physical geography, but focus on the history and people of either Utah or the world.  S
ome of this information may not be used in your everyday life right now, but all if it will provide an important basis for many things you will learn and do throughout life.

In Utah Studies we will focus on many different aspects of what Utah is like and how it got to be that way. 

In Geography and World Civilizations, we will integrate the two courses and survey the world one region at a time.  For each region we will cover first what's there, a little bit about what the land and climate are like, and overview of some key concepts and events in its history, then an look at what it's like there now and a few key issues each region is facing. The honors sections include a significant project each term which will primarily be completed outside of class time as well as go into some topics in greater depth.

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Class mapping project:
The Honors Geography classes completed a project where they mapped restaurants (6th period) or gas stations (7th period) in the Payson area, then used a variety of map layers and survey information to come up with a proposed new location and idea for a restaurant or gas station.

Their maps are included below.  Click on the green squares to see the student's new ideas and the dots are for the existing locations we mapped.

6th period

7th period

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