7 Political Geography

Reading Assignment Part 1 Due: Pages 213-222

GIS Boundary Assignment:
Instructions and Answer Sheet - submit in Canvas

Reading Assignment Part 2 Due: Pages 222-230

Political Geography Lecture Outline - request access if needed

What is a country?
    Sealand Case Study

Government Systems Slides and Outline

Reading Assignment: Democracies Article

Government Systems Slides and Outline
Reading Assignment: Part 3 Due: Pages 230-234

South Asia Colonialism and Partition Outline and Slides

'Reading' Assignment: Watch Future Mapping TED Talk

Boundary Types

GIS Boundary Assignment:
Instructions and Answer Sheet - submit in Canvas

Geopolitical Strategies Matching: Pick up in paper

Reading Assignment: Part 4 Due: Pages 234-237

Reading Assignment: Vietnam Geopolitics Article

Geopolitical Strategies Case Study: North Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War in Asia


Centripetal vs. Centrifugal Factors Case Studies. Slides: Canadaformer Yugoslavia, Nigeria and Outline

Reading Assignment Part 5 Pages 237-243

Reading Assignment: review all of chapter 8 - those at the movie will be excused from the quiz

Gerrymandering Activity - play this game (or if it doesn't work on your computer because of issues with flash try this game) or this read this article and write an 8+ sentence paragraph explaining what you learned and why you think Gerrymandering should be allowed or not.  Submit in Canvas.

Finish United Nations Assignment and GIS Boundary Assignment - submit these in Canvas


Political Geography Test  - Optional Study Session before school (7:00 to 7:55)

Essay Option to redo test - only way to show proficiency after the end of the next unit