3 Migration

Africa Map Test

Ravenstein Gravity Model (see page 69) and Zelinsky Stages Model - (see this presentation) and complete this assignment

Use this site for the in-class migration distance activity https://www.distancefromto.net/ 

Activity: US Immigration Over Time use these stories and these articles if you missed the activities in class

Due: Finish Reading part 1 page 60-73 

Internal US Migration

Forced/Voluntary Migration Case Study: Latin American migration over time and Notes from Slideshow

Refugees Case Study: Read this Syria Article, watch the first 10 minutes of this video, and submit this paragraph in Canvas

Refugees Map Activity use this site to complete your map 

Due: Finish reading part 2 due 73-89

Immigration Policies Case Study: Gulf State Guest workers Read this article if you miss our in-class discussion

Review and Test 

Finish Refugee Map etc.