3 Migration

Reading Due: Chapter 3 Part 1 pages 60-66

Middle East Map Test

Ravenstein Gravity Model (see page 69) and Zelinsky Stages Model - (see this presentation) and complete this Family Migration Assignment

Use this site for the in-class migration distance activity https://www.distancefromto.net/ 

Reading Due: Chapter 3 Part 2 pages 66-73

Forced/Voluntary Migration Case Study: Latin American migration over time and Notes from Slideshow

Reading Due: Chapter 3 Part 3 pages 77-79

Activity: US Immigration Over Time use these stories and these articles if you missed the activities in class

Reading Due: Chapter 3 Part 4 pages 79-88

Asia Map Test

Internal US Migration

Refugees Case Study: Read this Syria Article, watch the first 10 minutes of this video, and submit this paragraph in Canvas

Refugees Map Activity use this site to complete your map 

Immigration Policies Case Study: Gulf State Guest workers Read this article if you miss our in-class discussion

Review and Test

Finish Refugee Map etc.