11 Urban Geography

Contrast European and North American cities: a) central business districts b) suburbs and suburban growth

Compare and contrast elements of the following urban models: a) concentric zone b) sector c) multiple-nuclei d) galactic city/edge cities.

Describe the move of retail and industry to the suburbs.  Apply urban models to various cities in Utah and the United States using GIS.

Explain the growth of suburbs in terms of social, transportation, and economic changes.

Differentiate between three models of North American cities.

Compare and contrast spatial characteristics of cities in the following regions: a) Latin America b) Africa c) Southeast Asia

List and evaluate problems of the inner city areas.  

Explain and illustrate important models dealing with the urban hierarchy for:  a) central-place theory b) rank-size rule and primate cities.  Evaluate the application of the rank size rule to a selected country.

Rank size ad primate cities - Tamm's pt B & spreadsheet

Models - Chicago

African Cities

Latin American Cities

Asian cities

Gentrification -  B

Slums - Brazilian Favelas

Test 4/22-26?